A New Year: A New Message for the forthcoming year

New Year 2012:

Time to look ahead

by Jay Sood

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been meaning to start blogging for a long while and thought with the new year almost upon us, I’ll write my first blog focusing on 2012, and my thoughts leading up to the new year and being positive and upbeat.


My thoughts so far and reflection of the year gone by…


With the year 2011 nearly completed, we have all faced different challenges, different situations down to reasons like the economic climate, which has maybe told us a little bit about our own mental, psychological, emotional resolve to overcome the challenges and come to a solution to the problems we have faced.


We must be grateful that we have made it through the year unscathed, meeting new people, making new friends and acquaintances, getting a new job, having the support of family and friends through challenging situations and coming through them.

We must also think that there are so many people around the world who are worse off than the rest of us, they might not have the quality of food that we enjoy here in the UK, they might not have a roof on their heads, or the quality of nutrition that we enjoy and take for granted, they might not have clothes that we own, many of you who wear designer clothing something they can’t afford or even dream of wearing.


So pause for a minute or so and think about this. Should we be moaning about how we have it bad in the UK? I don’t think so!! We should be thankful and appreciate that we enjoy the things the people of the third world can’t enjoy.


Now a message for 2012, here it goes….

Many friends of mine have a mindset of thinking of the past occurrences, these might be negative things, like broken relationships, friends lost, friends/ relatives backstabbing one other and other negative things. They take these thoughts and experiences to the following year and always reflect on it and never let it go and try to burn it away.


My mantra is and has always been, forget about what has happened yesterday and years ago, whatever has happened in the past has gone past us and can’t be changed no matter how much we try to change them.. So what is the point in trying to remember it? Just let it go and focus your mind on the present day and tomorrow.


So guys, come 01st January, forget about what has happened in the past, as there is no point in thinking about this kind of stuff as it’s just going to cause depression and health problems., try to be positive for the coming year, think about your plans for the year ahead and how you will go on to achieve them.


You will face challenges but try to have a positive mindset and just block out negativity. Have a smile on your face and try to bring positivity to your friends and family, work colleagues and anyone else you interact with on a daily basis.


Have a fantastic 2012 everybody and wishing you continued happiness, good health, wealth and keep smiling!!


Please let me know your feedback after reading my blog guys, it’s always nice to hear from you and hope you have enjoyed the read and it makes sense.





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